Investment Banking

Investment Banking Investment Banking is a department that specializes in creating and raising capital for entities. Creating the capital is done through underwriting either debt or equity securities, selling securities, merger and acquisitions, and restructuring and reorganizing. It also has an advising role for investors from a wide array of segments. The Investment Banking team at NOMW Capital consists of specialists who are fully aware and perceptive of the nature of the markets. This trait grants them the ability to provide corporate finance management solutions, investment banking services, and the development of optimal structures that achieve high added value. The Investment Banking team at NOMW Capital enjoys a strong relationship with local and regional financial institutions. With their pronounced experience in raising capital, they are able to provide advice on:

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

Leveraged buy outs (LBOs)

Mezzanine finance

Distressed buyouts

Asset finance and leasing

Project finance

Public finance

Structured finance

Equity arrangement

Debt arrangement

Capital Market arrangements

Structuring investment vehicles with optimal tax and legal advantages

Operational and Financial Restructuring

Crises Management


Turnaround Planning and Implementation

Turnaround Executive Management

Exit Planning and implementation

Business Feasibility Studies

Transaction Evaluation and Strategies

Post Deal Implementation

Business Plans

Vendor Due Diligence and Negotiations

Structuring Advice

Business Strategy

Contract Assistance

Access to private and public debt and equity

Access to sourcing timely be spoke investment opportunities in potential portfolio companies (both brown field opportunities and green field opportunities)

Sub-management of private equity and venture capital funds

Connecting seekers with Private Equity Investment sources

Establishing and managing Private Equity and Venture Capital Funds

Portfolio company optimization

Formation and administration of funds, and the provision of transactional and regulatory services for fund sponsors and investors

Origination and exit support

Management expertise in unlocking growth potential of portfolio companies

Securing patents and trademarks for intellectual property and enforcing patents in new jurisdictions

Negotiating and executing licensing and technology transfer agreements for venture capital funds


Our Transaction and/or Fund Descriptions

Transaction Ticket Size / Fund Size

Private equity & Venture Capital Transactions

(growth-stage to pre-IPO)

The acquisition of strategic minority stakes in companies, primarily emerging SMEs, in liaison with strategic investors and technical partners to play an influential role in developing sectors in Saudi Arabia, the Middle East and select jurisdictions in Europe.

SAR 50 MM – 350 MM

Merger and Acquisitions

(“M&A”) Transactions

Originating and executing M&A transactions in liaison with strategic investors/clients in developing sectors of Saudi Arabia, the Middle East and select jurisdictions in Europe.

SAR 100 MM – 350 MM

Debt Syndication & Arrangements

Structuring and arranging financing from various leading banks for corporations and projects, either through syndication, sukuk or quasi-equity instruments.

SAR 100 MM – 7,500 MM

Yielding Funds

(asset securitization, leasing)

Shari’a compliant asset securitization of medium to long term leases providing investment-grade yielding funds. Also includes long, medium and short-term Murabaha deals and Sukuk funds. Designed for risk averse investors seeking liquidity from income-generating products offering low-risk and good stable returns through investment funds and deals.

SAR 100 MM – 500 MM

Healthcare Funds

The purpose of establishing the fund is to operate, develop and acquire companies in medical sector by partially or totally acquiring the shares in general and specialized healthcare centers to include all services that ensure integrated patient care, such as general and specialized hospitals, surgery centers, pharmacies, medical laboratories, homecare centers, rehabilitation care centers, long-term care hospitals, or any kind of medical projects.

The operations will be differentiated by the kind of services, quality, and the locations as they will be provided across different regions in Saudi Arabia based on feasibility studies.

SAR 100 MM- 300 MM

Food & Beverage Funds 

The funds are structured for the purpose of investing in food and beverage sector inside and outside Saudi Arabia. 

The value of fund is created by investing in trademarks that are blooming in their fields such as, Almajlis Alkhaliji, Over Jar, Century Burger, Nagwa, Leila, Khayal, Woop, Lunch Room, Habra, and GUN BUN. 

SAR 500 MM 

Education Funds 

The investment’s objective during the fund’s establishment is to invest in educational sector that are growing significantly along with the growth in population in Saudi Arabia. 

The return on investments will be generated by investing in private and international schools with a good reputation and high standards. 

Up to SAR 250 MM 


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