Diversified service offerings one vision

These are Real Estate, Private Equity for Startups, Mergers, and Acquisitions,
Structured Products and Funds, Co-financing and Ventures, Sukuk issuances, custody services,
research and studies, and initial public offering services

Institutional support services and family office services

The Corporate Support and Family Services team of Nomw Capital provides integrated solutions to corporate clients and family offices that aim to achieve growth and added value for their capital projects and institutions.

Asset Management

Today's exceptionally challenging investment environment requires stronger focus than ever before. We intend to take this responsibility very seriously, as the Nomu Capital Asset Management team is committed to making the right investment in the EMEA region.

Investment Banking

The investment banking team at Nomw Capital consists of specialists who are fully aware of the nature of the markets that enable them to provide corporate finance management solutions and investment banking services and to develop optimal structures that achieve high added value.

Wealth Management

Nomw Capital provides wealth management services to its institutional, individual and sovereign client base, taking into account their immediate, medium and long-term needs.

Custodial Services

Custodian Services NOMW Capital is licensed by the CMA to provide Custodial Services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, including custody of Real Estate and Equity Assets

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Nomw In Number

  • Real Estate investment funds 4
  • Private Equity funds 4
  • Assets Management 1.5 billion SAR
  • Custodial Services Assets under management 48 billion

NOMW Investments in

Structuring real estate investment trusts

1.5 Billion Riyals

Private Equity Transactions and Venture Capital

350 Million Riyals

Merger and acquisition

350 Million Riyals

Arranging and distributing syndicated financing loans

7500 Million Riyals

Return investment funds

500 Million Riyals

Structuring real estate investment trusts

1.5 Million Riyals

Private Equity Transactions and Venture Capital

350 Million Riyals

Structuring real estate investment trusts

1.5 Billion Riyals

Private Equity Transactions and Venture Capital

350 Million Riyals

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